Today was a very full day for the College Team in Naivasha!  After a simple breakfast at our lodging, we traveled to the local hardware store to buy painting supplies.  We purchased several paint rollers, brushes and a large quantity of primer paint.  In an interesting turn of events, the paint came out not as our requested off-white, but yellow!


After our visit to the hardware store we traveled to Agatha’s House, K2K’s current major project outside of Naivasha.  The house will function as a shelter for women and children attempting to escape from abusive households.  Because of the sensitive nature of its mission, we have been functioning under the guise of a group of college students who are in Kenya to learn about Kenyan construction techniques and are building “just another house.”  At the house, we painted the bare concrete walls with primer after scraping uneven parts of the walls and windows to make them smooth.


One of the things I’ve been reflecting on today is this idea of appearances being deceiving.  We don’t want the general community of Naivasha to know that Agatha’s House is actually a home for abused women in order to protect the women.  To outsiders, the house will be just another house.  We partake in an deception for a larger good, for Agatha’s House is anything but Just Another House.

It makes me think about our Lord.  To his opponents, he appeared to be just another rabble-rouser.  Jesus had nothing which physically set himself apart from the other men of his time.  In fact, it was just precisely his normalcy which scandalized those around him.  “Where does he get this authority?” they would ask.

But we know the truth.  That though fully man, Jesus was anything but “only” man.  God’s divinity found its home in Christ’s body.  The ordinary housed the extraordinary.

Something extraordinary is happening in Naivasha.  Against cultural norms, a home for women is being founded.  Something extraordinary is being housed in an ordinary house.  We are honored to be allowed to be a small part of its foundation.  The College Team is amazed to accept the invitation to participate in God’s continual work of reconciliation in this place.


Thank you for your prayers.

=Fr. Patrick


About FatherFun

Husband of Michael. Episcopal Priest. Rector of St. Paul's Church in Manhattan, KS.

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